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    Many regard remote controlled cars perhaps only as toy. Without a doubt such models represent naturally for a long time no toy for children more, but can rather than supplementing hobby for autofans be regarded, that would like simply gladly gas to give and also times straight through the area tear. Youth and adults also fascinate the rapid and strong and fast RC car and thus in the model construction their hobby found. Each autofan finds its preferential RC car variant under the RC car exactly. Because beside the RC Car as road speedsters gives it still to Buggys, Truggys, monster truck, truck and Trial.

  • Racing!

    At first many drive its RC car with like-minded friends at any suitable places simply back and forth. But with most thereby already soon the desire for more comes: They want to measure with their friends and drive a running. Whom also running among friends soon any longer are not sufficient, to which also correct running series are offered, with which professional RC car Racer meets regularly, in order to deliver on different racing courses extremely stretching running. When such professional running thereby naturally the fun factor stands in principle in highest place.

  • Outdoor!

    The RC car scene is one of the popular in the model construction sport at all. Beside the toy models, which address above all smaller children, also professional RC car is available, which reaches speeds of up to 80 km/h. For friends of the RC Car of sport cars two possibilities are offered with the acquisition of a RC: either a component system model, which must be still assembled, or a RTR model (ready ton of run), with which the driving fun can begin immediately, since RTR models already completely installed and ready to start are.

  • Members will help!

    Numerous honorary members lead the new generation agefairly and result-orient to the demanding hobby RC-Car-sport near. This takes place among other things by means of special competitions as well as numerous leisure events, seminars and workshops. Members help to familiarize itself new pilots with the model and its characteristics. The more largely also the opportunity in the occupation with vehicles of this kind a long-lasting hobby is to be recognized.


Fast each humans would like in its spare time creatively somewhat to create. Here the model construction with its many variants offers the best conditions to put around ideas into practice. Thus dexterity, imaginativeness, in addition, perseverance and exercise are needed. Understanding about physical and mathematical connections is exactly the same promoted, like the ability relating to crafts for the building of the models. Much exercise and requires the safe control and steering of the models.

Everything can be accomplished surely alone, however the often difficult subject is mastered much more easily in a group. It is simpler to lease suitable areas for the hobby execution and possible risks by insurance.

The club has its seat in Ruesselsheim and the DMC membership number reads 120.



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