Club history

The RC-Car department of the VfR Ruesselsheim established 15.03.2002.

Bevor this however happened knew, gave it still another quantity of work.
for some years the members of AMC Nauheim E.V. and the MSV Braunshardt had already planned to build a large permanent racing course in the Rhine Main area. Unfortunately here always the money and/or the building site was missing. The MSV had the possibility before two years of establishing on the own club area a permanent asphalt racing course. Unfortunately this building project had to call up a small “commission” due to some objections of the building authorities painted.

From frustration and disappointment, that should worry then about the building of a new distance. Naturally only more was debated at the round table drunk than, but like that is even…. The commission consisted at the beginning of 5 people of AMC Nauheim E.V. and of the MSV Braunshardt E.V.: Uwe Bilek, Andy Krämer, Gerald Göb, Klaus Gassauer and Albrecht Schacht. Later still Heinrich Schacht pushed.

Coincidence it wanted, was Klaus Gassauer formerly 2.Vorsitzender with the VfR Ruesselsheim a soccer association at Ruesselsheim). So it had naturally good „Connections to this club. “And in such a way it came that a still vacant lawn on the area of the VfR Ruesselsheim was offered to us, in order to build a distance there. In order to be able to use this surface however, a new department in the VfR Ruesselsheim had based and naturally the financing clarified.

It came in such a way that still much and still some water was discussed along the Main flowed (and some litres beer by our throats), to it finally for the establishment of the VfR Ruesselsheim abbott RC-Car.

The department was created, already came the excavators and asphalt machines and made from the grass surface 48 x 20m a large asphalt surface, on which those can train up-to-date 50 members of the VfR Ruesselsheim abbott RC-Car since May 02. Soon after also the production of solid driver conditions followed from wood inclusive roofing, for which it also made possible the drivers, in the wet one too.

Until end of 03 was still provisionally marked out with metal covers as distance delimitation the distance. This will change however starting from the spring 2004. Then Betoncurbs are used in place of the metal covers. The distance is painted completely (green Infield with white edge and red-white Curbs) and stands then starting from approx.

Andy Krämer