Standing rules

Verein for lawn plays Ruesselsheim E.V. (VfR)

§ 1 Name
in the year 1930 and on 6 May 1956 again created club bear the name club for lawn plays Ruesselsheim E.V. (VfR).
it is entered to 26.04.1962 with the district court large Gerau, into the register of associations under No. 43 to branch Ruesselsheim, and has its seat in Rüsselsheim.

§ 2 Purpose
1. the club racial, party-political are religiously neutral and.
2nd purpose and task of the club is it, its members, to strengthen and interconnect by promotion of the comradeship and friendship in particular the active ones by care of the sport and the sporty rules on voluntary basis physically and morally. Thereby attention is to be completely particularly given to the youth.
3. the VfR pursues alone and exclusive, as well as directly non-profit purposes in the sense of the non-profit character regulation from 24 December 1953.
4th any ones of profits may be used only for the statutory purposes. The members do not receive shares in the profits.
5. a member and no person may not be favoured by purpose stranger and inadequate privileges.
6. the club is member the national sport federation the Hessen E.V. (No. 37133) and recognizes unreservedly the main statutes the Hessian soccer federation (Nr.37072) and the statutes of the professional association on.
7. the club is member the sport federation the Ruesselsheim E.V. (self-service).

§ 3 Business Year
the financial year is the calendar year. At expiration of the financial year the executive committee of the membership in the following quarter has to refund a report.

§ 4 Membership
the club has:
a) tidy Mitglieder
tidy members can all people become, who are ready, the efforts of the club to support and unreservedly the statutes of the club to recognize.
b) Jugendmitglieder
the admission of youth members and its play authorization depends on the statute of the Hessian football federation. For youth members until 18 years.
c) Ehrenmitglieder
to honour members can by the meeting of the members, with 2/3 majority, only such people be appointed, earnings special for the club acquired

§ 5 Executive committee decides of acquisition
over the admission, which is to be requested in writing. The admission can be rejected without giving reasons. In § 2 this statute specified the principle may not be injured however. The membership becomes only effective with the acknowledgment of the entrance explanation. Members under 18 years must submit and have the written agreement of the legal representative with their request for admission in accordance with HFV statute of a medical examination to undergo (active young people).

§ 6 Membership ends
1. by death;
2. by withdrawal, which can take place only to 30.6. or 31,12. each year and at the latest six weeks before end of the half-year must take place, with young people by the legal representative.
3. by cancellation from the membership register, if a member is
a) with paying the club subscriptions in delay and despite effected written reminder these residuals not paid;
b) other financial commitments the club opposite does not fulfill;
c) by exclusion § 10.

§ 7 Rights of member
1st tidy and honour members are justified in the meetings of the members to be participated to place requests and participate in votes and elections by practice of their right to vote; so far it the 18. They exceeded, are also selectable year of life.
2nd youth members up to 18 years do not possess 3. all members in the meeting of the members.
have the right to use the club-own facilities.
4. each member by an arrangement of a member of the board, an ordered representative, department manager or play leader in its rights injured feels, is entitled the right of the complaint to the club executive committee.
5. the membership rights rest, if a member with its financial commitments remains opposite the club in arrears (§ 6).
6. the club subscriptions can on request for the duration of a study, a military service time or unemployment totally or partly issued.

§ 8 Obligations of member
the members of the club are obligated: to support
1. the club in its sporty efforts;
2. the arrangements of the executive committee and of it ordered representatives in all club affairs to absolutely carry out for the arrangements of the department managers and play leaders in the sport affairs concerned consequence; to pay
3. the contributions punctually;
4. the club property carefully and with care toon.

§ 9 Subscription
membership dues are determined by the statutory meeting of the members or by the general assembly. In individual cases can for important reasons (e.g. §7, paragraph 6) a member by the executive committee the contribution issued, reduces or deferred werden.

§ 10 Punish
for the punishment of offences against this statute, as well as injury of interests of club and offence within the sporty range can be imposed by the executive committee the following punishments:
a) warning (caution);
b) reference;
c) fine;
d) place barrier;
by the executive committee members can be excluded:
a) with rough injury of this articles of association,
b) because of omission or actions, which affects themselves against the club, its purposes and tasks or its viewing and in the special measure damage the interests of the sport,
c) because of neglect of resolutions and arrangements of the representative bodies of the association,
d) because of dishonorable behavior within or outside of the club.


The executive committee decides the request for exclusion, which can be placed by each member by indicating reasons and proofs at the executive committee. For expressing an exclusion it requires the 2/3 majority of the full board. Against the resolution of the executive committee for the excluding within an appropriate eke out, however at the latest 4 weeks after feed of the exclusion answer, the right of the appointment stands to the meeting of the members which can be called up by the executive committee within one month too, whose decision is final. From the time on, on which the member who can be excluded is informed by the introduction of the expulsion procedure, the membership rests. The member is committed all club-own articles in its possession to the club, after the final exclusion.

§ 11 Body of the club
organs of the club are:
1. the executive committee (§12)
2. the meeting of the members (§13)

§ 12 Executive
the executive committee consists of:
a) the acting Vorstand
1st Vorsitzender
2nd Vorsitzender
1st managing directors
1st cashier

b) Advanced executive
2nd managing director,
2nd cashiers,
1st and 2nd directors/conductors of the existing departments,
divert, press.

1. the executive committee by the statutory meeting of the members each second year again one selects. A re-election is zulässig.
2nd executive committee in the sense § 26 BGB is the 1st chairman in each case in community with another member of the acting executive committee. In case of the prevention of the 1st chairman, he is represented by the 2nd chairman. The agency of the 2nd chairman is valid only in the interior relationship with prevention of the 1st Vorsitzenden.
3. the acting executive committee should once in the month meet and is quorate, if more than half of its members are present. Resolutions are seized with simple majority. With equality of votes the 1st chairman decides, in its absence its Vertreter.
4. the full board (the acting one and the extended one) steps as required, however at least three to four times within one financial year zusammen.
5. on the meetings is minutes to be led. Minutes are to be signed by the 1st chairman or its representatives as well as the secretary and in the next meeting too genehmigen.
6. stay away a member of the board three successive meetings without sufficient apology, then it must be ruled out from the executive committee. The separating member can accompany no more office for executive committee in the current financial year. A sustitude choice has to take place within four weeks after separating. The regulation is valid with separating from another Grunde.

§ 13 General Meeting
1. the meeting of the members is also in a general manner the meeting of all tidy and honour members called up duly by the executive committee. It is highest Vereinsorgan.
2. the statutory meeting of the members (general/annual general meeting) takes place annually and is in the 1st quarter of each year to be called up. The summoning has at least one week before in the Rüsselsheimer daily papers under publication of the agenda too erfolgen.
the agenda has the following points to contain:
a) of annual reports of the acting executive committee and the Abteilungsleiter
b) report of the Kassenprüfer
c) discharge of the Vorstandes
d) new elections, and/or Ergänzungswahlen
e) adoption of resolutions over requests (at the latest up to the beginning of the meeting to the meeting leader to place in writing are),
f) Verschiedenes.
3rd extraordinary meetings of the members must be called up by the executive committee, if this lies in the interest of the club and by justified request of at least 1/3 of all members one requires in writing. The extraordinary meeting of the members is then at the latest 4 weeks after receipt the request einzuberufen.
4. in the meeting of the members has each member a voice. Youth members are not enfranchised. Resolutions are chamfered with open majority. With equality of votes the 1st chairman decides. Resolutions of the amendments of the by-laws require the agreement of 2/3 of the present members. The elections take place either via show of hands or in writing. Written vote must take place, if the majority of the voters requires present members this. Members in the meeting of the members are not present, can be selected, if its agreement is present in writing for this the meeting leader. Before each choice an election commitee is to be formed, which has the task to prepare and accomplish the elections. At all meetings minutes are to be led to be selected from the 1st chairman or its representatives and the secretary to sign ist.

§ 14 Cash audit
In the general assembly are at least two cash examiners. The current examination of the cash and record keeping, as well as checking the end-of-year procedure are incumbent on the cash examiners. Intermediate tests can be accomplished without advance notice. The term of office of the cash examiners ends after twice choice (one behind the other). A cash examiner may not belong to the executive committee.

§ 15 Committee
The executive committee can for certain spheres of activity of the club committees educate, that have to fulfill them assigned the tasks after its instructions. Their spokesman belongs to the extended executive committee.

§ to 16 Departments
The active members after the individual kinds of sport into special departments are together-chamfered. Each department is led by the department manager of the kind of sport concerned, which annually and/or every two years in the statutory meeting of the members one selects. The sporty and technical line of the department is incumbent on the department manager. It knows other members to the cooperation.

§ 17 Teen departments
For all kinds of sport, which are operated in the club, is groups of young people to be formed. These groups together-chamfered form the teen department.
the youth department of the VfR Ruesselsheim give themselves for the better promotion and advancement of the sport, the free-temporal and social communication
- according to the idea of articles of association for the improved perception of the interests of the Jugendlichen
- for the integration of the young people into the club
- and thus in the interest of and for the well-being of the entire club this youth order.

Reaching of these goals judges it the youth department as essential of administering itself; in addition belongs also, for you the flowing means in own responsibility freely responsible too.

§ 18 Honours

1. for extraordinary earnings around the club is the choice of a tidy member to Honour member of the club by a meeting of the members possible. The honour member keeps this honor on lifetime, if not statutory excluding reasons speak against it. The extraction of the honorary membership does not know only by a meeting of the members expressed.
2nd tidy members and other people, that rendered special services around the sport or around the club, can by the executive committee with the honour needle excellently.
3rd honour members and carriers of the honour needle have the same rights and obligations as tidy member.

§ 19 Liability
So far in this statute differently regularly, is valid for the liability of the club the regulations of the BGB.

§ 20 Dissolution
The dissolution of the club or the change of the club purpose is possible only if 1/3 of the members request this and this of 2/3 of all tidy members is decided. If such a majority is not reached because of too small visit of the extraordinary meeting of the members, then a further meeting of the members is to be invited, with the one majority of 2/3 of the present members for the adoption of resolutions is sufficient after their conclusion. In case of the dissolution of the club the property of the association falls to the city Ruesselsheim to use it directly and excluding only for the promotion from non-profit purposes.

§21 Expenditure allowance
For the club honorary transacts receives expenditure allowance in the context of the valid according to tax law regulations as well as the resolutions of the responsible representative body of the association. The expenditure allowance stands under the reservation of the economic efficiency of the club. It knows in form of the display replacement (reimbursement of actual expenditures on presentation of proofs) or in accordance with condition of the paragraph 3 No. 26a EstG in form of an activity remuneration to be paid (honorary office lump sum).

Satute was decided in the annual general meeting of the VfR Ruesselsheim E.V. on 15 October 2010 and has starting from this time validity. At the same time the statute from 17 April 1999 steps repealed.
The German version of the Standing Rules is adjudicate!