Guest driver rule

Guest driver

  • Guest driver is the one who is not member of VfR-Rüsselsheim Abtl. RCCar
  • The guest driver fee must paid to a club member of VfR-Rüsselsheim Abtl. RCCar unasked
  • The guest driver fee will be charged, if the grounds within the meaning of the sect. RCCar is used (E.g. paddock, circuit)

Hole day fee

  • The guest driver fee is 10 euros regardless of the length of use

Half day fee

  • The half day rule does not apply to Saturday before all racing events
  • If a guest driver finished his training before 14: 00 or only begins after 14 o'clock, are only 5 euro reduced due
  • If his training is only up to 2 hours at approximately 14: 00, account for only 5 euro

Mentioned above, there is no exemption to all!

Thomas Heuer
VfR Rüsselsheim e.V. Abt. RC-Car