VfR Indoor

Race track
Im Reis 51
D-65428 Rüsselsheim

Training sessions
The current calendar of events is published on our club homepage, whereby additionally the announcements in the forum are to be considered RC-WEB or https://www.facebook.com/RC-Car-VFR-R%C3%BCsselsheim-eV-373266509537209/


  • Adult 10,00EUR,
  • Jung 5,00EUR.


  • Scale 1:10 Elektro Touring Car,
  • Direction is clockwise,
  • High min. 5mm,
  • Tire have to used only dry at track,
  • Defect RC car had to be taken immeditaly from track,
  • Load Lipo-Accus onl yallowed in special bag,
  • Desk and chairs had to bring by your self,
  • Current avilable,
  • Garbage of each kind may not be disposed of on the area,
  • There are only lubricant oil containing less than 5% allowed. Note the table below please,
  • No compulsory footwear allowed (no Birkenstock or flip flops, etc.),
  • Smoking at all places are niot allowed.