Honored members,
We would like to invite you to work for 2020 on the outdoor track on the grounds of the VfR Rüsselsheim, Paul-Hessemer-Strasse 43, 65428 Rüsselsheim.

Saturday 04.04.2020 from 10:00 am and Saturday 18.04.2020 from 10:00 am Clean the track, renovate curbs, swipe driver's cab, clean up paddock, lay network cables.

If a member of the club is unable to attend an appointment, he or she can come to the other mentioned date. Please plan one of these two work assignment sat dates.

Please let us know by 31.03.2020 which date you can take. We are looking forward to many members, so we can prepare our outdoor track again for the outdoor season, so that we all have a lot of fun together again.

Until 19.04.2020 the outdoor route is closed to guest drivers and all members of the association and is open on 01.05. and 02.05.2020.

Then we have to announce the following race dates:
03. Mai 2020 Tamiya Cup
07. Juni 2020 RCK-Challenge
21. Juni 2020 Toni Onroad Series

We will meet you at the track!

Mit freundlichen Gruß
Heiko Anthes-Hoffmann
VfR Rüsselsheim e.V. Abt. RC-Car