Hi racer - the RMFC goes into the next season.

After the MBC Goldstein has aligned the RMFC indoor season (thank you very much for this), it should go on.
The purpose is to racers from various racing series and brand cups together, get to have fun together! Originally planned as a series, it makes sense but, as long as not more clubs align to organise the RMFC as a single race.
Regulations: From the experiences of the last two years, we have adapted the regulations. Biased to one more classes and on the other also here on fun. Starter is again, added the M-chassis and the race trucks are again fast!

In soon will we announce the date of the first race, to collide not with other races.
See you at next race.

Thomas Heuer
VfR Rüsselsheim e.V. Abt. RC-Car